Nuria Álvarez Lombardero is Unit Master at the Architectural Association, where she also co-directs the Visiting School Politics of Fabrication Laboratory. She studied Architecture in ETSA Madrid and Urbanism in the Architectural Association. Previously she worked for Boston based office Machado & Silvetti and Neutra magazine as part of the editorial board. She has lectured in the Master in Urban Sustainability at the University of Seville and the Master in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Alcala de Henares, and taught studio in the University of Cambridge (Allies and Morrison Design Teaching Fellow) and TEC in Mexico. After working as a researcher at Harvard University, the University of Cambridge and the AA, she is currently finalizing her PhD on the dissolution of boundaries traced by modern urban planning. Recently she has joined the urban web-publication Ciudad Viva correspondant team.

  Francisco González de Canales is AACP coordinator and Unit Master at  the AA. He studied architecture at ETSA Seville, ETSA Barcelona and Harvard University, and worked for Foster + Partners and Rafael Moneo . An active architectural critic, he has previously lectured History and Theory in the MA program and diverses uiversities in England, Mexico, Spain and the USA, collaborated and worked in different architectural publications, including the AA publications First Works: Emerging Architectural Practices of the 1960s and 70s & Networks: An Atlas of Connective and Distributive Intelligence in Architecture. He completed his PhD on the radical domestic self-experimentations of the 1940s and 1950s that will be published soon by Actar.

Both Nuria and Francisco has co-directed the London-Seville based office Canales & Lombardero since 2003 and the design unit Intermediate Unit 8 Politics of Fabrication.